The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community

Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community, Wyoming MN supporting the arts, including artists, musician, performers, writers, and photographers in Wyoming, Forest Lake, Chisago City, Stacy, and North Branch.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community (WACAC) was formed by an alliance of artists, musicians, performers, photographers, and writers, with a goal of enriching the quality of life in the Wyoming area by facilitating inspirational venues where regional, national, and international cultural activities can illuminate, educate, and entertain

This arts community is committed to celebrating the diversity of the Wyoming, MN area and surrounding communities by offering an array of affordable cultural opportunities and experiences designed to appeal and be accessible to all.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community will accomplish its mission through programming that:

  • Facilitates venues for the area's leading performing arts organizations
  • Brings great performances from around the world to the area
  • Offers motivating arts education programs for youth


Upcoming Events




If you are interested in donating services or goods that could help our community support the arts, please Contact Us.  The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community is now a501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, so your contributions are tax deductable under cection 170 of the code.  In-Kind donations of goods or services may also be eligible for a listing in our Sponsors Directory.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community presents Walking in Dreams featuring artist and painter, Mary Freerks and musician/guitarist/teacher, Dave Haugen at the Spirit and Praise Pentecostal Church in Wyoming, MN.



The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community is 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and not affiliated, in any way with any goverment entity.  All funding for the WACAC comes from donations and contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations, and the hard work and dedication of our members.  Please consider joining or helping the WACAC.