The Hallberg Center for the Arts is open again , but to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for the health and well-being of our visitors, volunteers and the community, we will be placing some requirements and limits on visitors and voluteers.  We will be open normal hours Thursday through SaturdayVolunteers and guests will be required to wear a mask (if you don't have one, we will provide on for you).  We are limiting the total volunteers and guests to a total of 15 people in the gallery at any given time.  Sanitizer will be available.  Social distancing is required.

Thanks for your understanding.  Everyone at The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

New Beginnings, 2019

Shows, Performances, and Exhibitions
Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Venue: Hallberg Center for the Arts  |  City: Wyoming, MN

The 5th Annual New Beginnings Art Show

A show of the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community's newest artists.

Sponsored in part by David Freemore, WACAC director and artist

Featuring artists, musicians, and writers that have joined the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community between May 15, 2018 and May 13, 2019.

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New Beginnings 2019 sponsored by David Freemore

New Beginnings - Rules

There is no charge for entry.  This show is open to WACAC members who have joined the organization since May 15th, 2018 only.

*Note... in the last year, we have over 55 new members, which is about the number of pieces that our main gallery will hold.  If everyone submits, we will only be able to accept one piece of art work from each artist.  However, we know that not everyone will submit, so we will be allowing up to 3 entries.  Please be sure to assign a priority to the pieces you submit.  We will prioritize the accepted pieces based on your priorities.  

Also, our art center only has 12 pedestals, so it you are an artist who creates artwork that requires a pedestal, please submit early.

We reserve the right to close submissions early if participation exceeds expectations and we run out of room in our Main Gallery.

New Members Enter Here...

The DEADLINE for entry is midnight on May 14, 2019.

Enter up to three (3) submissions

DO NOT submit via your mobile device, use your desktop or laptop computer.

There will be People's Choice voting during the exhibit opening with ribbons being awarded to the highest voted artists.

There is no charge to submit artwork.

This exhibit will accept 2D, 3D, Literary (performed and written), and Musical (performed) works of art.   Written literary works must be framed in a gallery format.

Framed and hung works of art must be presented in a gallery format, and ready to hang.  ONLY wired hanging systems will be accepted.

  1. All artwork must be conceived and executed by the submitting artist.
  2. Entry into the art exhibit must be entered electronically (on this website) in order to be accepted.
  3. Image for submission must be less than 2MB in size.
  4. Submitted image should be of the artwork only, not the frame (if applicable).
  5. Complete all information on the entry form.  Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  6. The deadline for entry is May 15, 2019 at midnight.
  7. All artwork must be delivered to the Hallberg Center for the Arts on or before Monday, May 20, 2019 (drop off times and directions will be emailed to the artist in advance)
  8. All artwork must be appropriately framed or ready for display in an art gallery format.  Pedestals are available (please note in description if needed).  ONLY wire is acceptable for hanging.
  9. Space will determine the final number of entries accepted into the show.  If you are submitting more than one piece, please note which is your first choice, in the case we are unable to accept all the artwork.  
  10. If contributing artists exceed expectations, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community Events Committee will determine which pieces to accept in the exhibition.

Artwork Sales

Accepted artwork, will be labeled with a price.  Submitted artwork marked NFS or left empty in the registration form will be marked NFS (not for sale).

Buyers of artwork sold during the exhibit agree that the artwork will remain at the Hallberg Center for the Arts until the show is completed on June 15, 2019.

Artists agree to donate 30% of the sale price of any artwork sold during the New Beginnings art exhibit to the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

Extended Art Exhibit

Award winning and high scoring artwork may have the opportunity to be displayed at the Nesting Grounds, in Wyoming, MN as part of an extended art exhibit for the month following the "New Beginnings" Art Show, with the consent of the artist.


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