Songwriters in the Round #18

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Date: Thursday, February 14, 2019 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Venue: Hallberg Center For The Arts

The Songwriters in the round series continues at the Hallberg Center for the Arts featuring Cathie English, Jerry Esnough, Tim Cheesebrow.

Cathie English

Cathie EnglishA folk singer/songwriter that dwells in Central Minnesota where the winters are long.. . 
Writing beautifully crafted songs accompanied with her distinctive American fingerstyle technique.

Woven through her music is a reverence for nature and the honest storytelling emblematic of the folk genre. She performs at festivals and venues throughout Minnesota. 
Sharing the stage with several national acts including Peter Mayer, Martin Zellar ( of the Gear Daddies) and Jim Brandenburg. 
Most recently doing a recording with Emmy winner Michael Monroe 
Cathie released her first CD "Mary's Garden" in January of 2014.

I played a bit of guitar during my college years then put it aside for career and family. Once the house was empty I began playing again.   First time I got on stage was in 2010 as an opener for Peter Mayer. I was then inspired to begin writing my own works.

Jerry Esnough

Jerry EsnoughJerry Esnough is a lifelong song writer who speaks from the interior. His poetic words rise from the soul. Jerry is a socially conscious observer with a lot to say in an artistic way.

Somewhere inside of me, is who I really am
Far beyond that bright light, where forever never ends
Today is not tomorrow, this moment comes and goes
Hope inside this truth cries, just let go


Tim Cheesebrow

Tim CheesebrowHis latest album “Somebody, Somewhere” released Fall 2017. It’s a collection of driving beats and catchy tunes that ride the line between rock and country. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Tim brings a distinctly mid-western sound to his songwriting; honest lyrics sung over big wide-open melodies and energetic grooves that will leave you saying “well now…that’s not too bad, don’chaknow?”

Tim has been performing for over 20 years. Using his degree in music composition from St. John’s University, five full-length solo albums, hundreds of shows performed annually, and an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s supporting a family of five with his lifelong passion for creating music. This foundation of experience allows him to help young people use songwriting to express themselves and promote wellness.

Tim founded Discover Music, a nonprofit that teaches middle and high school students how to write their own music. Songwriting is academically rigorous, socially engaging, and spiritually healing. His students learn to create music as a healthy way to process emotions and discover who they truly are.

He’s a steadfast advocate of the arts, education, and social justice causes. He loves to cook, play D&D, do woodworking projects, watch sci-fi, and is a voracious reader.

Tim is the author of Songwriting for Wellness: Using Music to Heal the Mind



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  • Thursday, February 14, 2019 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM