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Artist Jayson Randall

Artist Jayson Randall

Jayson Randall is an award-winning experimental artist based in Minnesota where he creates innovative works of art and sound.

Natural flowing motion and the interplay of light and shadow inspire Jayson.

He is intrigued by the combination of mysterious forms with common human interactions, as he explores the relationship between old and new, useful and forgotten.

Jayson reproduces the colors found in nature by experimenting with various techniques and mediums.

Discarded machines call out as they are encountered revealing a narrative of when their hard work was integral to the function of humanity; now their service is no longer required.

Industrial materials are combined with interactive electronics as the viewer is engaged to participate in the functionality of the finished artwork.

Jayson Randall does not use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media. is the official source for information about Artist Jayson Randall.

Artist Jayson Randall
Artist, Acting, Digital Artist, Sculpture

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