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2024 McKnight Fellowships for Fiber Artists- Call for Applicants is Open!

2024 McKnight Fellowships for Fiber Artists

Call for Applicants is Open!

Two $25,000 UNRESTRICTED fellowships will be awarded in support of mid-career Minnesota artists who use textile and fiber arts materials, processes, histories, traditions, and/or sensibilities in their artistic and creative practice throughout the conception, execution, and resolution of their work. Mid-career, for the purposes of the application, refers to anyone who has practiced fiber art for 8 years and has received recognition for their work from their community and the larger creative community in our state, region, and nationally (not including work done in an academic higher-education program). 

The deadline for application is December 4, 2023, at 5PM.   

The application details are available on our website:

2024 McKnight Fellowships for Fiber Artists- Call for Applicants is Open!

The work will be reviewed by three (3) jurors of national recognition with expertise in the field, and the winners will be selected by the end February for a fellowship period that runs from March 1, 2024 – February 28, 2025. I am available throughout the application process to answer questions and assist applicants—so feel to call or email for further information or assistance. Thank you, in advance for assisting with the continued success of this amazing opportunity.

Very best, 

Tracy Krumm
Director for Artistic Advancement
Program Director, McKnight Fellowships for Fiber Artists
McKnight Visual Arts Fellow