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Tree Croyle Johnson

Tree Croyle Johnson

A little bit about me....

I love glass, all things about it. I connect with the color, texture and luminosity of stained glass … and see the mosaic process as painting with glass assembling a puzzle where I can cut the piece to fit!  I see the linework created by the spaces between the glass as a fundamental element to my mosaic artwork.  My mosaics reflect a love of nature, humor, animals, and sentiment. I have been working as a mosaic artist for over twenty years. I earned my BFA in Fine Art but, my mosaic process is mostly self-taught. My art is mostly designed internally and improvised; my glass is laid and cut one piece at a time, working as I go to make the design and color choices.  This leads to unique mosaics that convey mood, beauty, and sentiment inspired from elements around me. I live in Wyoming, MN with my husband, three kids, three dogs, some chickens and I think there is a cat too?

Update: I dabble in Acrylic painting too :)

Thank you for all the support!
Tree Croyle

Tree Croyle Johnson
Barn Quilt Color Wheel

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