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Cadence Eischens

Cadence Eischens

Cadence Eischens is a nationally awarded visual, movement and literary artist whose mission in her creative process is to explore the meanings of vulnerability, connection and revolution. She believes in the power of intuition – the act of creating not as an observation, but rather as a sensation. “When you work on that level, you’re discovering your art in a whole new way. You’re seeing it not as separate from you, but rather as a part of this greater magic we all belong to. You’re giving in your creative process just as much as you’re taking.”

Inspired by the constant of change, Eischens hopes to continue to create work which inspires others to be intentional with their thoughts and actions as we strive for a more collective future. She is currently pursuing a multidisciplinary degree in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing at Knox College in Illinois. Visit her at on Facebook or Instagram to see her work, or email her at for inquiries about portraiture sessions, prints, or just to connect.

Cadence Eischens
Artist, Acting, Dancer, Photographer, Singer