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Jeffrey Benny

Jeffrey Benny

Photography has always been a way for me to explore my personal curiosity and emotional connection to people and the world around me.  It wasn’t until late 2019 that I thought my photos could be art.  I began to probe the question “Is this objectively good or is it my emotional and physical connection with the photo?”.   My first showing, at the 2020 Vasaloppet Art Show, held in conjunction with Mora’s Vasaloppet ski race, began to provide the answer. The buyer of my photo said that “Something about the photo spoke to me …”.   That was the biggest compliment that I could have as an artist.  Since then, I have entered photos in in exhibitions at the Hallberg Center and was chosen to have a 5 month long showing at North Folk Winery in Harris.  My photos are in primarily two major categories.  The photos in first category are broadly photos of nature.   The second category is of people and places in Vietnam.  My photos from Vietnam are also a fundraiser for the Catalyst Foundation (  I donate ½ of net proceeds from the photos from Vietnam to Catalyst for humanitarian aid projects.

Jeffrey Benny
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Dragon Fruit
Sylvan Lake
Crater Lake
Water Spots
The Potter
Montana Elevator
Hanoi Drive-Thru
Redwoods Upwards
Halong Bay
Frosty Branch