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Jayson Randall

Jayson Randall

Through Jayson Randall's interplay of light and shadow he illustrates the relationship between useful and forgotten.

Like beacons in the dark, his work expresses how discarded items reveal a hidden narrative of when their hard work was integral to the function of humanity; now their service is no longer required.
The viewer is engaged to participate in the functionality of the finished artwork as industrial materials are combined with interactive technology.

By utilizing modern electronics, Jayson preserves traditional stories and gives new life to those that have been lost to time.

Jayson Randall currently resides in Minnesota where he creates experimental works of art that fuse technology with illusion, for which he has received several awards.

Whether creating interactive electronic sculptures, producing innovative films or attempting a novel method of painting, his work bridges the gap between art and science.

Jayson Randall does not participate in the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media. is the official source for information about artist Jayson Randall.

Jayson Randall
Digital Artist, Functional Art, Music Composer, Painter, Sculpture, Writer