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David Berg

David Berg

David Berg - Artist Statement

 As a naturalist and self-taught photographer, I am drawn to ‘scenes’ in the natural and manmade environments around me.  Colors, shapes and the overall integration of the various forms in the scene catch my attention.  I find that photography allows me to grab and hold these scenes to view them and enjoy them again and again at my leisure. It gives me the ability isolate an object or frame a scene. Photography allows me to define the edges of a moment in time

 In my photography, I can narrow down a particular view and then capture it precisely. I can hone in on a color or a shape, a pattern or a form.  I can move in for a close-up, step back for a wide view, look for the light or seek out the shadow.  I can make sense out of seeming chaos and capture the mood of a moment.

Panoramic photography has become a special interest for me.  The incredibly wide views, the enormous scenes that can be captured and viewed. I print my panoramas as large as I can – this forces me to turn my head from one side to the other to take it all in – the full scene cannot be viewed in a single look.

I want my photographs to delight viewers with colors, shapes and forms, and enable them to see a scene they might miss or have not seen before.  I want my photographs to surprise, to inspire, to elicit a simple, “Wow.”  I want to share with the viewer the mood of a scene captured at a moment in time.

                                              David Berg - Artist Bio

David Berg is a lifelong resident of Minnesota and holds a degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Minnesota.  He and his wife Linda reside in south Minneapolis.

For 25 years Mr. Berg was employed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a Ranger/Naturalist with Minnesota State Parks.  A major portion of his time was spent presenting interpretive programs for school groups and the general public.

Mr. Berg and his wife both retired in 2016 and keep busy using their time and talents volunteering for church and civic organizations. 

David Berg does a range of color and black-and-white photography, primarily fine art, and specializing in panoramic images of environmental and city landscapes, architecture and historical landmarks.

David Berg