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Emily Quandahl

Emily Quandahl

about emily

Emily Quandahl is an abstract artist and muralist with a multidisciplinary background, creating in Minneapolis. Growing up in southern Minnesota, her life was immersed in the arts from an early age. With over 12 years devoted to the study of classical viola, including her formal education in South Carolina, Emily uses the art of practice to heavily influence and inspire her work.  


artist statement

“My work visualizes the concept of learning through practice. Years spent studying the viola translated to layers of paint, learning how to interpret my creativity and emotions that a failed music career couldn’t do. Every studio session is a chance to throw away preconceived notions of what my work should be as I constantly learn and evolve. I find harmony between sharp lines and organic movement, where there are layers of imperfection and experience below what makes it to the gallery walls. The unknown of what it can be, and the reassurance that one layer can tie it all together. Through my work, I aim to create an immersive experience for the viewer to see the world through my artistic and learning lense, finding comfort and curiorsity. ”

Emily Quandahl

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