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Kimberly Lindgren

Kimberly Lindgren

A 21 year old artist from St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Kimmy aims to connect with her audience through an emotional lens. She has been drawing since she was a toddler and often used drawing as a means to communicate something she could not find the words for. Currently, Kimmy is attending school at Augsburg University where she will be graduating with a degree in graphic design. Her collection of 10 36"x48" canvases titled "Uncommon Courtesy" aims to present the audience with a chance to just "be" in the present moment. A place in time where the audience members can be aware of the emotions and physical sensations they feel while looking at the paintings, like meditation with a visual component. Not only would Kimmy plan to include these 10 paintings, but she would also include other works of art that fit the style such as some custom skateboards she has done and other fun items not commonly displayed in a gallery setting.


Kimmy's artwork is heavily inspired by graffiti art and psychedelics. From graffiti, you can see bold colors and line work immerge from her pieces. The compositions and imagery seen in Kimmy's pieces reflect a lot of psychedelic influence. Kimmy's favorite thing to paint is mushrooms! It is guaranteed that the work Kimmy creates is going to be completely original and unlike anything you would see in a normal, traditional gallery. Her ability to capture the iconic imagery of her generation (Gen Z) will likely generate attention from the youth as well as giving the older generations feelings of nostaliga in a new and creative way that hasn't been seen before.

Kimberly Lindgren
Golden Valley
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