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Jeff Bracken

Jeff Bracken

I'm intrigued with the transition from darks to light, the spaces of warm and cool.  These passageways stir something visceral in me, and I try to capture those elusive moments of powerful contrasts.


I knew I was an artist before I knew much else about me. Not that I was any good at it, but that didn’t deter me. It was a joyful way for a kid to embrace and celebrate the wonders I experienced, the beauty around me, my moods and feelings. As a content introvert, it was my outlet to expression.

I’m essentially self-taught…and that’s likely evident. But what I get most from my art is the deep pleasure of putting what I feel into the media I’m using. Sometimes it connects with others.

I started with painting in oils and acrylics, sketching in pencil and charcoals, writing, and whatever media stirred me in my younger years.  I picked up wood carving my own duck decoys and developed into carving decorative, competition-style waterfowl decoys and entered my carvings in state and National decoy shows, bringing home a few awards. That kept me busy for 30-some years. Then I hit a dry spell where carving wasn’t what I wanted to do. Time for something new. About two years ago I came back to oils and have been joyfully painting what moves me…and still learning. But now my old self-critic has become my keen-eyed and kind friend in this excitingly new stage.


Jeff Bracken
Wood Carving
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