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Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey

I'm an oil painter living in Marine on St. Croix, MN. My ancestors farmed within a few miles from here and I feel a deep connection to the land. The bean field at the corner feels sacred. Sometimes the sunset turns everything a soft cast of orange. Grasses have texture and leaves shimmer. Nature vibrates! That's what I try to convey in my landscape paintings. I paint using the prismatic palette, which was has its origins in Frank Dumond who taught at the New York Student’s league in 1982. It’s an approach that has been passed on through his students and their students and I’m proud to follow this legacy. It's a science-based approach to conveying light/shadow and atmospheric perspective. Whether I’m painting on location or in the studio, I’m always trying to use what I know to convey the emotion of a time and place. As a professional writer, I understand the power of a well-placed verb. 

Barbara Casey
Marine on St Croix
(651) 261-8245

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