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Jerusha Steinert

Jerusha Steinert

My artwork focuses on the bond that develops between humans and horses and the complex partnership that it is. As an artist, an equestrian, and founder of the Blue Horse Theatre traveling horse troupe, I have a lifelong passion for horses and a love for exploring and sharing horse and human partnerships, and how it relates to our past as told through history, mythology, and fantasy. This work is immensely personal and expresses the emotions that are unique to my own intimate experiences with the horses at the center of my life.     


My artistic process, though intuitive and spontaneous, is always informed by my research as a horsewoman and as an artist. The horse is an animal that exists in the moment, thus I often work  with my horses present. This is usually done during artistic performances for the public. I capture their movements through abstraction while my horses interact with me allowing my own spontaneous and theatrical energy to be expressed on the paper. The resulting marks capture the essence of the interactions in the moment and the response of the audience. 

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Jerusha Steinert