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Kordula Coleman

Kordula Coleman

My name is Kordula and I am a figurative ceramic artist living and working in Northeast Minneapolis.
I make
my figurative ceramic pieces to explore and understand the multifaceted experience of being human - my own and that of others. Sculpting the human body is my way of expression, since I am fascinated with its anatomy, and since it shows psychological processes and mental states so eloquently through its poses and gestures.

My goal is to tell stories, touch the viewer with these stories, and encourage them to share their own. I grew up with an emotional abusive parent, so my pieces tend to explore how a dark state of mind, anxiety and depression, can be processed and overcome. I am looking for healing in my art making - for myself and for the viewer. I believe that humans do best in an atmosphere of compassion, where they can show their complete selves without fear of judgment. By being open about my own scars, I want to encourage viewers to open up about theirs as well.

I love working with clay because if it is handled right, it is supple, versatile and forgiving, which reminds me of the human body. The feeling of clay under my hands also has an immensely calming and uplifting effect on me.

Kordula Coleman

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