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Dell Gross

Dell Gross

Growing up on the plains of Montana, Dell’s grandmother recognized he was an artist. It took him years to discover what medium that would be. He studied painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery as well as many other forms of expression. Photography was his life’s calling.
Dell began his journey in photography studying and graduating with a BFA from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in film and still photography. He then earned a BPA degree from Brooks Institute of Photography with an emphasis on Illustrative Photography and Filmmaking. He has studied under countless masters in the field of photography as well as filmmaking. After graduating from Brooks Institute, Dell worked on films in both Hawaii and Seattle before returning
to Minnesota in 1982 and starting Gross Productions.

Dell has worked professionally in both video and portrait photography. He has photographed thousands of people, including high school seniors, individual and family portraits and weddings as well as using his
background in commercial photography. His films include, The Derby Fever Movie, which played on Twin Cities Public Television for several years, and the Amelund Thrashing Show. He has also produced
numerous commercial videos.

Dell has won several photography awards including:
• 2023 Black and White Spider Awards
• 2023 Honorable Mention East Central Regional Art Fair
• 2023 Finalist In.Art Show Halberg Center for the Arts
• 2020 Better Newspaper contest – Minnesota Newspaper Association - First place for Best Use of Video and First place for Best Use of Multimedia
• 2003 Consumer’s Choice Award – Senior’s portrait Photographer of the year by Professional Photographers of America
Dell has changed direction in his photography work moving from the commercial and client-based photography to creative artistic expression, especially in his focus of abstract digital photographic images.

Dell Gross
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