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Dell Gross

Dell Gross

At an early age his grandmother recognized that Dell was an artist.
It took him years to discover what that medium would be. He studied painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, as well as many other forms of expression. Photography was his life’s calling.

Dell than began a journey to be the best. He studied and graduated from University of Minnesota and Brooks Institute. He also studied under countless masters in the field of photography as well as filmmaking.

After graduating from Brooks Institute in California he moved back to Minnesota and started Gross Productions. For over 45 years it has served Pine City and Minnesota area.

Gross Poductions has photographed thousands of people including, High School Seniors, portraits, and Weddings. He has also produced the Movies Derby Fever, which has played on TPT Tv, and the Almelund  Threshing Show. Other video projects include Pine City Jail Orientation Video, Pine Ridge Little House Project, Pine County Meth task force Video that played in local Theatres, G4S Fire Detection Video, Sexual abuse overseas video, Pine City High School Dagons in the Cloud Video, Career Choice interactive video, Pine City Chamber Tourism Videos, Pine City Art Center Promotion Video, Beyond Limits Promo videos, Hands for Pine City promo video, and various different types of videos for Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Dell has donated his talents to the community by photographing the leaders in the community. He has also produced video’s to help support the community.

Dell Gross
Pine City
(320) 629-6699

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