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Olivia Hoppe

Olivia Hoppe

I grew up in Aitkin MN with the last name Anderson. I grew up fishing and doing other outdoor activities with family. My love of nature has had a lasting influence on my work. My Dad did a lot of mountain man and American Indian crafts. I learned quite a few techniques from him. 

I took as many art classes as I could in high school and then at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN. It's important to keep learning. You never know what might come in handy later. 

Following college, I got married and moved out to the Alexandria, MN area. My husband farms. Unfortunately animals get sick, old, or pass from other causes. I started collecting and using the bones in my work. 

I have been working on my craft for the last several years. I've decided to try and start getting it out there. I use mainly pen and ink with acrylic paint for color. Then I work on what I have from wood slabs, cattle bones, to the gourds I grow in my garden. 

Olivia Hoppe
Heart of the Woods
Turtle Pond 2

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