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K Daphnae Koop

K Daphnae Koop

K Daphnae Koop creates mixed media paintings on carved wood, often embellished with streams of shattered glass and objects found in nature.

Growing up in Minnesota, her grandmother taught her quilting and her grandfather taught her building and woodworking.  A childhood spent wandering country roads and woods instilled in her a deep love of the land, and her connection to Minnesota's lakes and rivers offered insight into the flow that embraces all things.

Koop has a particular love of Medieval gilded manuscripts, alchemical formulae, reliquaries and objects of devotion and inspiration.  These objects are an attempt to render the invisible visible, which is also the deep motivation behind all of her work.  Her paintings combine objects and techniques not traditionally uses together, and honors the beauty underlying the basest of materials.

Koop studied art and literature, earning a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Her work has been shown throughout the United States and is included in public and private collections.

K Daphnae Koop