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Mark Christy

Mark Christy

I’ve been drawing most of my life and after moving into the Brainerd area 2017, it allowed me to create a new direction in my artwork. It went from working with the pen/pencil, to the road of creating artwork comprised of vintage rusted & recycled metals and antiques. 
I start by creating a design, then cut the base out of wood and use it as a template. Hand cutting materials and then nailing or gluing them into place. Using these vintage materials only and no additional paints to create even the smallest detail or color. They are one of a kind pieces and impossible to duplicate; once the template is used it is discarded and no longer available

Each piece has a story or history due to the items used or hidden within the design, and helps create a conversation with each owner.

Most of my art has my DNA within it, due to how many times I have cut, stabbed or gouged myself while working on them.

I started creating birds and a variety of animals; however recently been making art from real people I have met and or have read about. 


Mark Christy