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Lynne Sarnoff-Christensen

Lynne Sarnoff-Christensen

I have been a ceramic artist for over 35 years. My focus has been hand built structures and surface design. 
Eight years ago, I became engaged in hot wax Encaustic painting, which has become a natural transition. Texture, blending layers upon layers and scraping away to see what lies beneath, continues to be fostered in my expressions.
The concentration of infusing my photography into paintings, creates a foundation where I can expand and interpret my focus. Combining imagery and textures enhance my perceptions of what can be, creating a deeper engagement for an audience to be a part of.

The flow of nature is always captured in my work.

Jeffrey Hirst (Chicago) introduced me to Encaustic painting and through the years, Jodi Reeb (Minneapolis) has been a strong influence through workshops, mentoring and coaching.
My name is Lynne Sarnoff-Christensen and I am from Minneapolis, MN. 









Lynne Sarnoff-Christensen