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Cindy Syme

Cindy Syme

Artist Statement:

I am a ceramic artist who has worked with clay on the wheel for over thirty years and use my work as a three dimensional expression of the natural world around me. My works' themes come from a combined interest in the Culinary and the Botanical. I am also a professional cook and a passionate gardener. I bring these influences into every piece I create.

It is no accident that my work takes inspiration from the Earth both figuratively and literally as my medium is actually of the earth. I use porcelain or stoneware to create a piece that reflects that beauty. Trees, shadow and light breaking between leaves and the unexpected shape of a landscape influence aspects of my pottery.

I like to capture that moment of our experiences with nature, to make a tangible and permanent work that reminds us on a daily basis that we are always in the natural world. It can be a bowl from my Botanical series filled with soup, a covered vessel tucked in a quiet place in a home or a stoneware vase filled with flowers from a meadow that blur the line between the exterior and interior.

Cindy Syme
Saint Paul