Brenda Pace

Brenda Pace

I believe God gives each one of us gifts and talents.  He has called us to use those talents to the best of our ability.

I don't remember a time in my life where I didn't do some kind of art.  Growing up with dyslexia, art gave me a break from the stress of the day.  It gave me a place to hide from the daily challenges of life and find peace for a time.  Because of this, art became my lifelong passion and, eventually, profession.  In addition, I have been a floral designer for over 35 years.  It is my favorite way of expressing myself in art.  Mix medium is a close second as you can see I have fun with my pieces.

I love doing custom art.  I love the challenge of taking what is in someone's mind or my mind and turning that into art.  I love seeing the piece take shape and come to life.  I also love to see the excitement on a customer's face as they see their design for the first time.  I get many requests for customer orders.  I was commissioned to do the Stillwater Life Bridge.  That piece had the St. Croix River, trees, and the lift bridge.  Along with many other elements in it.  This was an art piece to be done in 3D.  I create this from the very start to the very last piece of paper.

People ask me all the time how long have you been doing 3D art?  I have been doing three dimensional art for about 4 years.  I picked it up fast.  I realized quickly that cutting out a pattern and putting it together wasn't enough for me.  It did not take long for my creative mind to find ways to take my 3D paper art to the next level.  I started taking patterns apart and recreating them.  Making my own patterns.  Adding in all of my pieces, what one of my customers calls the "BrendaTouch".  It is paper with a design on it you will not see or expect until you look for it.  Even then, you may not see it without it being pointed out to you, but it is there adding so much detail.  I let the creative juices flow as I modify the piece and make it my own by adding extra layers, colors, and changing the design.

Brenda Pace