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Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Artist Statement:

My work is an interpretation of the profound beauty and biodiversity of the forest floor. I wish to communicate the feeling of serenity and wonder I have when I explore the North Shore of Minnesota and the calm that I experience while I create my work.

My sculptural medium is clay. I make unique organic forms using handbuilding techniques, wheel-thrown components, and carving. I fire to cone 6 oxidation, glazing with my own glazes and commercial underglaze. I focus on clay because I appreciate the malleable and tactile nature of the material, as well as its sometimes unforgiving ways.


Jennifer A Murphy is an emerging sculptor who spent her childhood playing in the mud, mushing Play-doh,
and making modeling clay ladybugs. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Ceramics Concentration from the
University of Wisconsin-Superior in 2016.

Residing in Two Harbors, Minnesota, Jennifer works out of a little studio tucked in the corner of her garage. Her kiln is named “Loretta.” She can often be found exploring the forests and shoreline of Lake Superior, seeking out lichen, moss, fungi, rocks, and trees to inspire her body of work.

Jennifer Murphy
Two Harbors

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