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Lisa Drew

Lisa Drew

Lisa Drew,  Photo Artist

I am the daughter of artist parents; my mother, an abstract acrylics painter and my father, a painter and floral designer (florist.) During my life I have been surrounded by color, form, imagination, expression, and music.   My parents encouraged us to explore what made us happy whatever the outcome. The important thing was to find our true happiness.

This led me to a life in profession vocal performance as a concert soloist, a career with two major opera companies, an internationally acclaimed early music ensemble, and church soloist for over 40 years performing in the United States and Europe until a benign growth on my vocal cords resulted in the loss of my voice.

As a performing artist, I needed a new outlet of expression which brought me to my discovery of using visual art through the lens of a camera and my digital computing skills evoking a newfound artistic expression using architectural forms, landscapes, and abstracts in both black & white and color.

My hope is that you will find something in the presentation of my artwork that sings to you.


Lisa Drew
Artist, Photographer