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Natalie McGuire

Natalie McGuire

Photozaic Artist- Statement

In the presence of my art, you can open yourself to another plane of consciousness; it awakens your curiosity about what lies beyond the frame; what you see is personal to you. 

My surroundings play a big role in my photography story.  When I am out in nature with my camera, it’s through texture, lines, colors, etc., that I get my inspiration.  I primarily use color images to capture the vibrancy of Mother Nature’s glory, but when the mood and setting are just right, I photograph in infrared.  This style of photography brings another worldly look, almost a dreamlike state that has a 3D effect. I like to create images that make you feel like you are there with me in the scene.

I create wall art that brings happiness to you, whether it’s photography or mixed media art I call photozaics.  As an artist, I am fascinated with how my life's views make up little mosaics of memories that I share with the world.   I am grateful for my dad who is a great guide as he taught me how to express myself through photography.

Natalie McGuire
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