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MaryAnn Cleary

MaryAnn Cleary
Art is a way of expressing my inner feelings and spirit. I want my art to be like music for the soul, where the viewer is moved emotionally to a peaceful and meditative moment. I paint subjects that move and connect with me spiritually with a pastel stick or a loaded brush of oil paint as my tools. 
When creating my artwork, I transcend to a mysterious and magical weightlessness where any burdens of my conscientiousness are lifted. My spirit becomes one with my subject to a peaceful and serene state. There is tremendous power in visual imagery. I want my art to bring an interconnection to others and provide restoration and healing to their spirit. 
MaryAnn Cleary
Spring Lilacs
Apple Blossoms
Turkey Lurker
Sturgeon Moon
Robin Eggs
By the River
Morning Mist
Little Africa
Flower Power
Just Ducky