COVID-19 Update: The Hallberg Center for the Arts is OPEN! 

We are adhering to CDC protocols for social distancing.  If you have not had a vaccination, please wear a mask. If you are exhibiting any symptoms, please put off your visit until you are feeling better.
Thanks for understanding.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.  Based out of Wyoming, MN, this arts organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit bringing the arts into the lives of thousands of people in Minnesota.Be A Part of It...

With a mission to to encourage creative expression, promote networking of local artists of all ages, and champion a learning environment that builds community participation in the arts, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community, through countless volunteer hours and donations from local businesses and individuals from across the country, established the Hallberg Center for the Arts in July of 2015.

Every month the organization opens the doors of art to residents and visitors throughout the area bringing in solo and collaborative art exhibits featuring some of the most talented artists in the Twin Cities area.  We highlight area musicians, performers and writers in performances and spoken word.  We encourage learning in teaching environments and community events.

Everything that the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community does is done through the tireless work of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors and sponsors and the rewards of an effective group of grant writers.

Become a member and join the artists, musicians, writers, and performers in the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community just north of the Twin Cities.

Volunteer and make a difference in your community through the arts, with the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community and the Hallberg Center for the Arts.

Tax deductible donations help fund events and venues to strengthen communities through the arts.

Consider sponsoring the Wyoming Area Creative Arts with a tax deductible contribution and build a stronger community through the arts.

Find gifts of original art, music, and literature at the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community's Gift Shop.


It Takes a Community...

It takes a entire community to accomplish this.  It takes a community with a vision and the realization that art is more than just paintings, pictures, plays, and music.  It requires an understanding that art teaches our children to think outside of the box, and create solutions.  It takes the willingness of individuals to volunteer time and energy.  It takes the generosity of individuals and businesses. 

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