The Hallberg Center for the Arts will be REOPENING on January 14, 2021, but to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,
we will be requiring social distancing, wearing a mask, and limiting the number of people in the art center to 25 people at any given time.  

Thanks for your understanding and Thank You from everyone at The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

Opportunities for Artists

Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community

Calls for Artists

Opportunities for Artists to Show Their Artwork

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community offers opportunities for artists to show, sell and teach at the beautiful Hallberg Center for the Arts in Wyoming, MN.




Goodhart Artist Residency Call for Artists

Call for Artists, Writers, and Composers – 2021, 2022 Information

Call is now open for writers and composers/songwriters. Please read the information below then select the apply now button below to begin your application.

Application deadline is February 17, 2021. We will limit the number of applications for the writer residencies to 40 applicants, so we may close the application period early.

Impressions That Eye Saw

A collaborative exhibition of artistic photography OR other mediums of artwork inspired by nature

Opening Thursday, February 18, 2021 at the Hallberg Center for the Arts.  Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and adjustments to the art center's calendar, this years exhibit is actually a combination of what would have been the 7th annual That's What Eye Saw and the 7th annual Impressions in Nature's Elements. 

This exhibit will be open to all regional artists and be a combination of photography and artwork inspired or created by elements of nature.  Submitted photography can be ANY subject, but other mediums must be created from or inspired by elements of nature.



If you have not heard of us before, Arts@MSP is a partnership between the Airport Foundation MSP and the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The program includes visual arts, performing arts, and exhibits that showcase the cultural and natural heritage of the Upper Midwest. We will use this newsletter to share updates about arts and culture programming at MSP, and to announce upcoming commissioned art projects and other opportunities to get involved with our program.

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