Impressions in Nature's Elements 2019

Sponsored by B&N Sheet Metal

Opening on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at the Hallberg Center for the Arts, in Wyoming, MN.  The show will be on display through March 16th.

Artist Entry Guidelines

Deadline for Entry:  midnight, February 11, 2019

Enter up to three (3) submissions

DO NOT submit via your mobile device, Do USE your desktop or laptop computer.

Presented by the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community, this third annual Impressions in Nature's Elements art show will feature artwork by regional artists made out of natural elements such as stone, glass, clay, wood, etc., AND this year we are expanding submissions to 2 dimensional artwork (photographs, paintings, prints, etc.) that focus on elements of nature (i.e. leaves, rocks, textures, wildlife), but NO LANDSCAPES.  We don't want to make this too easy!

This exhibit will accept 2D, 3D, Literary (performed and written), and Musical (performed) works of art.  Performed works must relate to the theme, Impressions in Nature's Elements.  Written literary works must be framed in a gallery format.

There is no charge to submit artwork for members.  

WACAC Members, go to:

There is a $10 entry fee per entry for non members.

Non WACAC Members go to:

Must be a Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community member in good standing as of February 8, 2018.  

To Join, Visit:

Please note:  WACAC registration is not connected to Judgify

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community Events Committee reserves the right to close acceptance of entries if participation exceeds expectations.

This exhibit will also accept Literary (performed), and Musical (performed) works of art.  Performed works must relate to the theme, Impressions in Nature's Elements.  Please contact the WACAC Events Committee to submit literary or musical performances for the opening night at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Framed and hung works of art must be presented in a gallery format, and ready to hang.  ONLY wired hanging systems will be accepted.

  1. All artwork must be conceived and executed by the submitting artist.
  2. Entry into the art exhibit must be entered electronically (on this website) in order to be accepted.
  3. Image for submission must be less than 2MB in size.
  4. Submitted image should be of the artwork only, not the frame (if applicable).
  5. Complete all information on the entry form.  Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  6. The deadline for entry is February 11, 2019 at midnight unless participation exceeds expectations.
  7. All artwork must be delivered to the Hallberg Center for the Arts on or before Monday, February 18, 2019 (artwork may be delivered to the Hallberg Center for the Arts during regular business hours starting February 14, 2019 through Monday, February 18.
  8. All artwork must be appropriately framed or ready for display in an art gallery format.  Pedestals are available (please note in description if needed).  ONLY wire hanging systems are acceptable.
  9. Space will determine the final number of entries accepted into the show.  If you are submitting more than one piece, please note which is your first choice, in the case we are unable to accept all the artwork.  
  10. If contributing artists exceed expectations, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community Events Committee will determine which pieces to accept in the exhibition.

Artwork Sales

Accepted artwork, will be labeled by the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community with a price.  Submitted artwork marked NFS or left empty in the registration form will be marked NFS (not for sale).

Buyers of artwork sold during the exhibit agree that the artwork will remain at the Hallberg Center for the Arts until the show is completed on March 16, 2019.

Artists agree to donate 30% of the sale price of any artwork sold during the Impressions in Nature's Elements 2018 Art Exhibition to the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.


Extended Art Exhibit

Award winning and high scoring artwork will be selected to be displayed at the Nesting Grounds, in Wyoming, MN as part of an extended art exhibit for the month following the Impressions in Nature's Elements Art Show, with the consent of the artist.