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The second in an annual series of art shows, exploring individual communities through the eyes of artists. Since the Center for the Art is located in Wyoming, this was the logical first project.This year, it will be Our Town - the Lindstrom Project

Our Town - the Lindstrom Project

Each year, a different town will be showcased.

This is an invitation to all artists in all mediums to come and explore the City of Lindstrom, then participate in this unique exhibit with artistic creations inspired by this town.

Check back as the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community hosts photography workshops to explore the city.

Submissions will open soon!

Go to: URL coming soon!

FYI, your WACAC login is not tied to Judgify.  If you haven't created a login, you will be required to create on before you can submit your artwork.

If you would like more information about this exhibit, please contact our Events Committee at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Town - the Lindstrom Project

This second in an annual series of exhibits featuring artwork inspired by a community will open at the Hallberg Center for the Arts on June 22, 2017.

With overwhelming support and interest from the City of Lindstrom, their chamber, and the council, we decided this second exhibition just had to be, "the Lindstrom Project".

Artwork inspired by the City of Lindstrom, MN.


In 1853, Daniel Lindström left Sweden in search of a nice piece of land to settle in America. Lindström was platted in 1880. The town of Lindström was incorporated in 1894. Many other Swedish emigrants traveled with Daniel Lindström. Joris Per Anderson, half brother to Daniel Lindström, came in 1850 leading a party from Hassela, Sweden. In the party was Erik Norelius, whose personal journals in part formed the basis of Vilhelm Moberg’s novels of the Swedish emigration to the United States, The Emigrants. Moberg's novels have two main characters, Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson. The novels depict the hardships Swedish emigrants endured en route to America. A bronze statue of the author, holding his bicycle as if ready to ride away, stands on a stepped platform in Chisago City’s town park. An image of Karl Oskar and Kristina remains Lindström’s logo today. Since 1990, anyone who has taken U.S. Highway 8 from north of Forest Lake to Lindström has driven on the Moberg Trail.

Lindström celebrates Karl Oskar and Kristina annually with Karl Oskar Days. This event takes place mid-July and includes such activities as the coronation of a "Karl Oskar Princess", parades, a street dance, and fireworks. There are still statues of Karl Oskar and Kristina in Lindström, as a tribute to the early Swedish immigrants whose descendants continue to populate the area. These statues are the main attraction for tourists from all over the world who come to Lindström because of its Swedish heritage.

Lindström was settled predominantly by Swedish immigrants and their families.

We are inviting all artists, members or not, to submit their artwork, visual and performed, and be a part of this unique exhibit.  

Swing by our art center, and find out where you can find some truly inspiring scenes and settings for your next piece of art.


The Hallberg Center for the Arts

5521 East Viking Blvd.

Wyoming, MN  55092

(651) 272-5122


Deadline for Entry:  midnight, TBD

Enter up to five (5) submissions

DO NOT submit via your mobile device, use your desktop or laptop computer.

There will be People's Choice voting during the exhibit opening with ribbons being awarded to the highest voted artists.

There is no charge to submit artwork.

This exhibit will accept 2D, 3D, Literary (performed and written), and Musical (performed) works of art.  Performed works must relate to the theme, Lindstrom, MN.  Written literary works must be framed in a gallery format.

Framed and hung works of art must be presented in a gallery format, and ready to hang.  ONLY wired hanging systems will be accepted.

  1. All artwork must be conceived and executed by the submitting artist.
  2. Artwork should be recent (within the last three years).
  3. Entry into the art exhibit must be entered electronically (on this website) in order to be accepted.
  4. Image for submission must be less than 2MB in size.
  5. Submitted image should be of the artwork only, not the frame (if applicable).
  6. Complete all information on the entry form.  Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
  7. The deadline for entry is TBD at midnight.
  8. All artwork must be delivered to the Hallberg Center for the Arts on or before TBD (drop off times and directions will be emailed to the artist in advance)
  9. All artwork must be appropriately framed or ready for display in an art gallery format.  Pedestals are available (please note in description if needed).  ONLY Sawtooth or wire is acceptable for hanging.
  10. Space will determine the final number of entries accepted into the show.  If you are submitting more than one piece, please note which is your first choice, in the case we are unable to accept all the artwork.  
  11. If contributing artists exceed expectations, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community Events Committee will determine which pieces to accept in the exhibition.

Artwork Sales

Accepted artwork, will be labeled with a price.  Submitted artwork marked NFS or left empty in the registration form will be marked NFS (not for sale).

Buyers of artwork sold during the exhibit agree that the artwork will remain at the Hallberg Center for the Arts until the show is completed on July 15, 2017.

Artists agree to donate 30% of the sale price of any artwork sold during the "Our Town - the Lindstrom Project" to the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

Extended Art Exhibit

Award winning and high scoring artwork may have the opportunity to be displayed at the Nesting Grounds, in Wyoming, MN as part of an extended art exhibit for the month following the Our Town - the Wyoming Project Art Show, with the consent of the artist.

Go to: URL coming soon.