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Your chance to have your own show on your own, or with a complimentary artist.  The Events Committee with the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community is looking for artists for upcoming shows.  Artists that the Events Committee feel could have an impact on visitors and would generate excitement and attendence.

Artists must have enough quality artwork available to fill the main gallery at the Hallberg Center for the Arts.  

Available upcoming slots:

  • We are now accepting applications for Solo and Duo exhibits in 2020.  The available dates are on the application.

  • In eary 2019, you will be invited to the Hallberg Center for the Arts to introduce yourself and present a sample of your artwork to our interview panel.

Please include as much information as you can so we can pass it on to our interview panel.

Solo / Duo Art Exhibit Entry Form

If you are interested in a solo or duo art exhibit at the Hallberg Center for the Arts in Wyoming, MN, please take a few minutes and complete this entry form.

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