Drawing From The Paper Up

Date: Tuesday, April 02, 2019 06:00 PM

Venue: Hallberg Center for the Arts

Your first drawing class!
This class is for those who have a desire to draw but have had little or no prior drawing instruction, as well as those who have held back from signing up for beginning drawing classes, fearing it may be assumed that the ‘basics’ are already known. This is a true introductory drawing class, and it will be assumed that you have not had much, if any, prior drawing instruction.  

     Instructor Julie Erickson is a life-long lover of drawing and enjoys teaching. She has been teaching two drawing classes at White Bear Center of the Arts since 2014: Drawing From The Paper Up and Portrait Drawing. She developed both classes herself, and has had great feedback in her previous classes:

"The class was extremely rewarding.  As a retirement age beginner I was afraid that I would fail, but the instructors patient encouragement gave me confidence in myself and I was able to learn to some very beneficial drawing techniques.  My heart began to sing again as I produced my first drawings since I was very little.  I can’t thank you enough." - Pat

"...I enjoyed each very much and learned a lot about basic drawing.  I am excited to do some drawing on my own..." - Jennifer

    The atmosphere will be light and fun and no ‘natural ability’ is required, so come and discover the joys of drawing. After completing this class, you will have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to draw on your own and sign up for other drawing classes. We will learn the differences in and uses of various pencils, pencil strokes, papers, erasers, shading and measuring tools, how to lay out a drawing, as well as some bonus advanced tips and techniques. Drawing will be done from photos provided by the instructor.






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Supplies needed (purchased and brought to first class by student):
Clear Ruler
Set of 12 pencils medium range
Kneaded eraser
Dust Free Faber-Castelle eraser
Drawing Pad, medium surface, 11 x 14, (300 series recommended)
Pencil Sharpener
* Classroom is located in the lower level of the Hallberg Center for the Arts, which is not wheelchair accessible. If you need accommodations please advise during registration at least two weeks prior to class start date so arragements can be made.  Thank you.


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  • From Tuesday, April 02, 2019 06:00 PM to Tuesday, April 30, 2019 06:00 PM