Simple Pleasures, Local Treasures

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Simple Pleasures, Local Treasures

by Olivia Hoppe and Rick Swanson

in the Underground Gallery

Simple Pleasures, Local Treasures by Olivia Hoppe and Rick Swanson

Olivia Hoppe 

I grew up in Aitkin MN with the last name Anderson. I grew up fishing and doing other outdoor activities with family. My love of nature has had a lasting influence on my work. My Dad did a lot of mountain man and American Indian crafts. I learned quite a few techniques from him. 

I took as many art classes as I could in high school and then at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN. It's important to keep learning. You never know what might come in handy later. 

Following college, I got married and moved out to the Alexandria, MN area. My husband farms. Unfortunately animals get sick, old, or pass from other causes. I started collecting and using the bones in my work. 

I have been working on my craft for the last several years. I've decided to try and start getting it out there. I use mainly pen and ink with acrylic paint for color. Then I work on what I have from wood slabs, cattle bones, to the gourds I grow in my garden. 

Rick Swanson

Rick's interest in photography reaches back to the summer of 1974, when he took a summer school class in his school district and first held a 35mm camera in his hands. His teacher was tuned in to the Watergate hearings, but he was tuned in to the wonders of black and white film.

Not until 1979 did he acquire his own 35mm - an Olympus OM-1n, which he still has and frequently uses. Even in the digital age, he still shoots black and white film, which he develops using coffee as the developer. Find selected works from the collection of coffee images in the Limited Editions Gallery .

Rick is a former physics and chemistry teacher, and his photography expresses the beauty he has always found in the sciences.


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