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Stories - In Print & Paint by Surelle Strike

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  Thursday, 01 February 2024

  Hallberg Center for the Arts - The Underground Gallery

Stories - In Print and Paint 

By Surelle Strike

Surelle Strike creates narrative artwork using acrylic, oil, and ink. Both her paintings and printmaking are inspired by fairy tales, folk lore, and religious stories. "My artwork often depicts women who are in the midst of navigating their stories, or re-writing them entirely. They are re-imagined as more than incapable children, or damsels in distress. The fairy-tale of the female experience, is represented by multifaceted characters, and symbolism. Symbolic plants, animals, and needlework are small details I enjoy weaving into my stories and images. My work is modern day storytelling, with female characters who are deep and complex. They are not to be overlooked in order to favor the prince or the plot."

Surelle works in an array of mediums: watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. In the last year She has also been exploring printmaking, with linoleum blocks. "This medium has brought me back to many classical fairy tale illustrations, and in a way allows me to simplify my work, to much more illustrative and gestural elements." Much of Surelle's work is acrylic painting, "The fast dry time allows me to paint in washes of color, building my painting in small layers." Surelle has been working in oil paint lately, and hopes to find ways to combine both her love of painting and printmaking, in the next year.

Surelle lives in Forest Lake with her family. She creates art at home in her dining room, and teaches classes at the Hallberg Center for the Arts. 

Stories - In Print & Paint by Surelle Strike


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