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Thanks for your understanding.  Everyone at The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

Abstracted Visions by Lukas Carlson and Jeffrey Hansen 

A Duo Exhibit by Two Amazing Abstract Artists

Lukas Carlson and Jeffery Hansen

Sponsored by Rita Kirsch Dungey

& OPM Outdoor Property Maintenance

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Abstracted Visions by Lukas Carlson and Jeffrey Hansen

This duo exhibit combines the abstract artwork of surrealist Lukas Carlson with the nonobjective motion of Jeffrey Hansens non-zero-sum series.  Opening at the Hallberg Center for the Arts on July 23, 2020 at 4pm.  

Abstracted Visions by Lukas Carlson and Jeffrey Hansen at the Hallberg Center for the Arts

A little about these artists...

Jeffrey Hanson - 

I paint, therefore I am.  Yes, really...I am painting...and creating, in order to maintain sanity from the troubles and anxieties that may pry at my brain. Which in turn, makes the process of my painting very important therapy. I may have a plan in mind at first but it can completely emerge as something else once the painting process begins. Something that feels right and looks right for the moment takes hold as the painting persists. From nothing other then the patterns and colors that I have chosen and letting the painting process work through me do my paintings come to life. The artwork is of a simplified and minimalist expression using mathematical division and design with painterly texturized circles layered within painterly fields of abstraction and texture and/or graphic patterns of black and white and various other color compositions.

Lukas Carlson - 

Relationships between the self and the other are the heart and soul of human existence. It is not often that we can gaze at another without the risk of embarrassment or the inner conflict of insecurity. However, if these risks were removed, we could truly see what is before us, free of inhibition. This does not happen with most human interaction as we are inclined to introspection and notice very little about the others who surround us. We start to become invisible.

The human body has a complex, specific design to its structure and biological process. It is balanced and symmetrical with countless repetitions and patterns. Heavily utilizing geometry, I disassemble physical features and body parts. Through rearrangement, duplication and layering, the new form lacks familiarity, but it still appears to have an emotional impact. Complex machines always have simple parts when broken down systematically. Identifying these basic elements, as though they are building materials, allows me to birth new personalities from myself.

In my painting, my personal thoughts and feelings inform the attitude of my subject. Hyper-expressive figures comfort the viewers’ connections to how they may feel. No matter how a person deals with his/her emotions, one’s own feelings are always most romantic. I want to exploit the natural tendency for us all to exaggerate our feelings, and to hypothesize on the canvas what human personality might look like. Beyond the tactility of the body, a person’s true character lives incorporeal and undiscovered.

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