The Hallberg Center for the Arts is OPEN AGAIN!  But to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,
we will be requiring social distancing, wearing a mask, and limiting the number of people in the art center to 25 people at any given time.  

Thanks for your understanding and Thank You from everyone at The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

Linda Hamlin

Linda Hamlin

Painting is my get away for total relaxation.  Nature is my inspiration to express myself enabling me to create a painting or sketch that I see Through My Eyes. 

 I have always pursued painting as a lifelong dream, now  turned into a lifetime reality. Returning to my home state of Minnesota 20 years ago and recently retired, the time now spent in my studio brings back memories and inspires the past to come to life on the canvas. My work is with oils but have dabbled in acrylics, pencil and ink.

I am a self-taught and inspired artist who has a great love for the outdoors.  Many of my works are the result of photographs taken of landscapes and wildlife while out hiking or of the many countries and states traveled over the past 35 years. Alaska, Montana, the North Shore and Canada have created the foundation for my landscapes, in addition to my own gardens for the beauty of the flowers. My work is about creating that beauty and transpiring it for all to enjoy.

Linda Hamlin
North Branch
(612) 716-0206

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