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Margery Peterson

Margery Peterson


In the movie City Slickers, Billy Crystal plays an urban guy vacationing at a dude ranch.  When faced with a pregnant cow bellowing in pain, his cowboy mentor says,  "Looks like she's ready to burst."  "Bursting?" Billy cries.  "There's going to be bursting?"

That's how my abstract art felt when it came to fruition—bursting out of me, with energy and ideas.  But this happened only after years of exploring, taking classes in photography, drawing, book-making, minoring in art, writing about art and architecture for local firms and publications, visiting art museums around the world, volunteering with kids' art classes and as an art museum guide.  The actual bursting began after summer intensives at Madeline Island School of Art on acrylic abstract painting and printing and painting with papers.

My paintings are about seeing nature with new eyes. I paint with color, light, shape, contrast and layering that evokes the remembered feeling of a place or natural element. Wild places feed our creativity, that wild place inside of us urging us to take a risk, move forward. Abstracting opens up possibilities to see nature with new eyes, new thoughts and the urgency to help her heal.






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