The Hallberg Center for the Arts is OPEN AGAIN!  But to help prevent the spread of COVID-19,
we will be requiring social distancing, wearing a mask, and limiting the number of people in the art center to 25 people at any given time.  

Thanks for your understanding and Thank You from everyone at The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

Meg Petersen

Meg Petersen

Meg Petersen is an artist based in Hugo, MN. She focuses on capturing the often overlooked aspects of everyday life, specializing in portraits. She uses pens, pencils, and watercolors to create meaningful artworks that explore the simplicity of what it means to be human. When Meg is not painting, sketching, or running her small business, The Wee Peach, she can be found spending time with her pets, listening to improv comedy podcasts, and cooking for her family. 

Meg Petersen
(612) 505-8549

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