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Derrick Burbul

Derrick Burbul

To wander is not to be lost, and, to wonder is not to be ignorant, but both lead to imagination and hope. All of these works are photo-based, but use a wide range of photographic processes, from historical process like palladium prints to contemporary inkjet prints. I also explore a wide range of photographic theories here: The images are also fragmented in some way: using multiple frames to create a single image, or multiple processes combining multiple images into a singular, or something where the viewer has to work for a sense completion. Images can also be included that break into the third dimension, requiring pedestals. The work is framed eclectically as well, ranging from finely crafted hand-made frames from pallet wood, to contemporary metal frames, to found frames from thrift stores. The frames might be from many sources, but I always keep a high priority on appropriateness of the frame to connect to the piece and to communicate ideas about photography and it's history. Ultimately, with this work I hope to find deeper connections to those fragments of understanding that fill our lives.

Derrick Burbul
Artist, Photographer
Sunflowers and Tree, Johnson County, Illinois

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