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Rick Ahartz

Rick Ahartz

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Artist, Photographer

About Me...

Rick Ahartz is an area artist in Wyoming, MN, creating photo cutout art with a surrealist feel.  

The Artist's Portfolio

Total number of images: 19

Redheaded Woodpeckers
  • Redheaded Woodpeckers
Turtle rocks
  • Turtle rocks
Tree Of Bluebirds
  • Tree Of Bluebirds
7 Swans
  • 7 Swans
13 Different Red Roses
  • 13 Different Red Roses
Birds On The Pond
  • Birds On The Pond
Frogs On Lily Pads
  • Frogs On Lily Pads
Guarded By Eagles
  • Guarded By Eagles
Future Hunters
  • Future Hunters
Late Flying South
  • Late Flying South
Cougars in the Rocks
  • Cougars in the Rocks
Someday I'll be a Cowboy
  • Someday I'll be a Cowboy
Butterflies on Tulips
  • Butterflies on Tulips
Meeting of 21 Finches
  • Meeting of 21 Finches
Black Bear Cubs Climbing Trees
  • Black Bear Cubs Climbing Trees
Owls on the Farm
  • Owls on the Farm
Tree of Cardinals
  • Tree of Cardinals
Tree of Bluejays
  • Tree of Bluejays
Tree of Baltimore Orioles
  • Tree of Baltimore Orioles
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