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That's What Eye Saw

In 2016, we had our first That’s What Eye Saw exhibition of photography. 

In our first year as an art center, we had started an event’s committee to handle events.  The December preceding the show, we had a little Christmas party for our members at Gail Fonnest’s home.  Ben Andersen approached me (Eric Peterson, current Board Chair) a the party asking what an artist’s resume was, as the head of the new event’s committee was asking submitting artists for the “That’s What Eye Saw” exhibition was requiring the artist resume as part of the entry.  I spoke to the committee head asking her to ease up on the requirements as most of these artists had never participated in an art show.

Well, that didn’t sit too well with this committee head, and she quit.

So, with just a few weeks before the opening, there were fears that the event would need to be cancelled.  With this organization, failure was never an option. and we formed a new events committee.  This committee is still in existence today, reaching out to established artists and being welcoming and offering assistance to the inexperienced artists.

Today’s Events Committee is the workhorse of this organization to this day, being responsible for organizing collaborative shows like That’s What Eye Saw, interviewing artists for Solo/Duo exhibits up to two years in advance, organizing community events like Kid’s Can Be Artists Too, as well as hanging some of the best hung exhibits in the Twin Cities area.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community continues to look for new members to get involved with planning these activities.