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by Denise Martin - Chisago County Press

7/10/2015 9:02:00 AM

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community hosts its monthly Open House July 23 at the former church on East Viking Blvd. Only this time, unlike previous events, the organization should have finalized purchase of the old Spirit & Praise Church, where the open houses have been held in borrowed space. 

Eric Peterson, WACAC founding member, said the Spirit & Praise Church leaders and the arts community reached a purchase agreement last week. Hopefully everything will move forward appropriately, and by the July 23 open house event the WACAC will be proud new owners of the former church.

Peterson added that there was a last minute scramble to bridge the gap between the purchase offer and what the church needed for a sale price, but in a matter of 30 hours about $9,000 in pledges were additionally secured to make the deal happen.

The future Hallberg Center for the Arts, home of the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.

The Open House for July features painter Todd Clercx and mosaic artist Tree Coyle. Come between 6 and 9 p.m. and enjoy the arts scene in greater Wyoming.  The WACAC has 50 members currently and welcomes artists in print, paint, graphics, music, spoken and written word and more.