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Eric Peterson and Andrew Spreck interviewed about the arts in KBEK Radio (95.5FM)


On April 21st, 2015, artist Eric Peterson and singer/songwriter Andrew Spreck were interviewed on KBEK Radio about arts in the communities, particularily Wyoming, and the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community.  They had the opportunity to speak about Wyoming's Arts Community working to buy the Spirit & Praise church building to turn it into a center for the arts.  

Imagine - an art show featuring artist Eric Peterson and singer/songwriter Andrew Spreck.
Brought up was the pledge by the Hallberg Family Foundation of $100,000 to go toward the purchase of the building.  An important note was brought up that to receive the offer, the group needs to buy the church building this year, and can't be in debt.  So, the group needs to raise the additional money in order to buy the church building.
Andrew and Eric also were able to talk about their upcoming show, Imagine, at that church building at 5521 East Viking Blvd in Wyoming on Thursday April 23rd, 2015.  Eric will be the artist, bringing original paintings, digital art, and his photography to display at the show, with a special musical performance of original music by Andrew.  Click Here for more details and directions.

Andrew was also able to perform the title track, Devotion, from his latest CD at the interview.  This was actually the first time the radio station had a live performance in the studio during an interview.  The station personel were impressed and have invited Andrew come back for a live performance of more of his work.  Listen to KBEK, and you might even get a chance to hear some songs from his CDs throughout their daily broadcast.