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The 8th Annual In. Art Show & Competition

A juried and judged art competition

The In. Art Show & Competition 2023 sponsored by Dave Freemore

Sponsored by Dave Freemore

The Eighth Annual In. Art Show & Competition presented by the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community, open at the Hallberg Center for the Arts, in Wyoming, MN!  Your voice can be heard by voting for your favorite three art pieces at the art center before closing on Wednesday, August 16th.

Award Ceremony was held on Thursday, August 17th from 6-8PM. 

Judges: Rurik Hover, Christopher Harrison and Dee Ann Sibley.

In. Art Show 2023 Award Winners: 

Judge’s Choices ($500):

  • Oil on Canvas, “I Remember Now” Dan Petrov
  • Digital Photography, “Not So Clean” – David Berg
  • Vintage Recycled Metal, “Alisa” - Mark Christy

Director’s Choice:

  • Mixed Media, “Abraham with Hummingbird” -Mary Catherine Solberg

Artistic Excellence ($300):

  • Watercolor, “Spring Maintenance” Daniel Kuchenbecker
  • Oil on Canvas, “King of the Roost” Juliana Merkt
  • Assemblage Mixed Media Sculpture, “Paradise Lost” Gary Carlson
  • Ceramic, “Two Leaf Vase” Richard Vincent

Artistic Merit ($200):

  • Digital Photography, “Chicagohenge”, Tomas Alvarez
  • Oil on Panel, “Where the Deer and Antelope Play” Theresa Grams
  • Oil on Canvas, “Tributary of St. Croix River in Late Dec.” Jason Kehrer
  • Fiber, “Choose the Piece that Takes you Forward” Gabriel Berg

People’s Choice:

  • 3)        ($200) Ceramic Sculpture, “Rewire” by Jennifer Murphy
  • 2)        ($300) Vintage Recycled Metal, “Alisa” - Mark Christy
  • 1)        ($500) Assemblage Mixed Media Sculpture, “Paradise Lost” Gary Carlson

Watch the In. Art Show Award Ceremony from August 17!