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hanks for understanding.

Kids Can Be Artists Too!  Stagecoach Days 2015.  Wyoming, MN

You are invited to stop by and pick up your's and your children's artwork, if you were participants in the Kid's Can Be Artists Too! event at Stagecoach Days this past September.

We would like to thank you for participating in last month’s Stagecoach Days “Kids Can Be Artists, Too”.  Your participation helped it to be the success that it was.  So many young people had a great time creating and expressing themselves.  It was a wonderful time for all.

As you know, the Hallberg Art Center Show for their work has ended as of October 22, 2015.  We have selected 36 additional entries, along with the Stagecoach Days winners, that will be installed at the Nesting Grounds Coffee Shop.

The following list of artist’s names were chosen to go to the Nesting Grounds.  If your child participated in this years Kids Can Be Artists Too!, and your child’s name does not appear here, we would request that you stop in at the Hallberg Center for the Arts to pick up their work.  The Center will be open on Fridays from 4 – 8pm. And Saturdays from 12 – 4pm.

Our apologies for any misspellings, we did our best to read the entries provided.

  • Anna Swanson
  • Carrie  
  • Brynja Croyle  
  • Eli Rhoden  
  • Kristina (8) parent - Andy  
  • Audrey Collar   
  • Bella Dickey    
  • Emma Savage  
  • Tiffany Manning   
  • Addy Orth    
  • Danny Williams    
  • Quinn (3) parent - Hillary   
  • Izzy Ventimiglia    
  • Logan May    
  • Mason McGowan    
  • Nick Muha    
  • Courtney Sonnentag    
  • Abygail Johnson   
  • Natalie Runquist    
  • Cella Bennett    
  • Colt Eischens   
  • Anna Spreck    
  • Rochelle Peace    
  • Allie Bialon   
  • Serena Eischens    
  • Torben Croyle    
  • Andie Deprez   
  • Kelsey Severeid    
  • Lars Cryole    
  • Nahima Gonzales   
  • Jasmyn Himraj    
  • Maddie Janke    
  • Lilly Crandall   
  • Stephen Ice–Crandal    
  • Tiara Swanson    
  • Sequoia Orohn


Show winners:

  • Emily May    
  • Josie Wing    
  • Cadence Eischens
  • Dylan Swanson    
  • Gabby Headley    
  • Maddie Radue
  • Savanna LaVelle  
  • Lauren Thompson    
  • Nick Belisle
  • Izze Fox    
  • Natalie Ruka    
  • Emmitt Ochoki
  • Uriah Horn    
  • Isabella Peterson    
  • Taylor Puelston