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Jes Lee Shimek, James Martin, and Brittney Turner

An imaginative exhibit of two artists, teaming up to create a series of drawings with intriguing afterthoughts. Brittney Turner and James Martin are the two Twin Cities artists that collaborate on this project in the Main Gallery at the Hallberg Center for the Arts.

Nationally recognized photographer, Jess Lee Shimek will have her unique layered photography in a solo exhibit in the Cube Gallery.

Opening ceremonies for these exhibits take place from 4pm to 8pm on April 19, 2018 at the Hallberg Center for the Arts, which is located at 5521 East Viking Blvd in Wyoming, MN.  This evening is a wonderful opportunity for artists and art lovers to experience a unique exhibit and meet the artists.  Complimentary refreshments will be served at this opening which is free and open to the public.

In this exhibit, James Martin and Brittney Turner team up in their show titled "The Umbran Forest" in the Main Gallery.

Umbra is latin for shadow, it has often been used to describe phantom images, or being the source of darkness itself.

The Umbran Forest is a journey through the shadows expressing the ties between humanity and nature, which also considers the psychological exploration of the human mind. As the artists for this series, we contemplated such topics and tied them into naturalistic creatures stemming from various myths or our own imaginations.

Myths and folklore are stories that are made up by people to express the knowns and unknowns of the natural world.  In doing so, this serves as a junction between nature and the human mind, so we may observe them both together. Nature contains many cycles, and while some may view us as people and nature as separate entities, we are truly as much a part of nature as anything else. We encourage the immersion into the fabricated and fantastical world of the Umbran Forest, hoping to bring to light the tie of humans to the natural world.

Gathering Water and Light is a solo exhibit in the Cube Gallery by Jes Lee Shimek.  In the artwork of Jes Lee Shimek, she layers photographs of our world and composes them into images of new places and realities. She draws a lot of inspiration from cyberpunk novels where characters often find themselves existing in a digital reality that is based on places in our world, but contains layers of other times, locations, and information, and could only exist digitally.

Gathering Water and Light is her current series of images. Humans often surround ourselves with light. Light pollution is being talked about in many ways by experts concerned at its effects on us and our world. Jes observes how we fill everywhere we can with streetlights, solar powered lights, lamps, decorative lights, and the glowing screens of our personal electronic devices. This part of her series shows the light trails we leave behind us in the real world, and imagines what light trails we might create in the digital world. Water has always been critical to our existence. With questions raised about the quality of our drinking water as well as the dangers of rising sea levels, it is a subject that seems on our minds even more. This part of the series imagines landscapes full of water to live with or to cross over.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community is totally funded by grants and donations and is currently looking for sponsors for these remarkable exhibits as well as other collaborative exhibits.  Interested sponsors are asked to contact Board Chair, Eric Peterson at (651) 238-0245 for more information about sponsoring an exhibit at the Hallberg Center for the Arts.

Two and a half years ago, with the establishment of the art center, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community has brought new exhibits of artist's work to the area almost every month.  This past year, the organization interviewed artists from throughout the region and has now booked the main gallery with new exhibits into 2020.  Today, the organization has over 180 members not just from this area, but throughout the Twin Cities, up through Princeton and Mora, down through Mankato and into Stillwater and western Wisconsin.  

Volunteers are at the heart of the organization putting in countless hours. The organization has no paid staff and everything they do is through donations, grants, and many dedicated volunteers.

The Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community encourages personal growth and discovery, providing mentorship for artists through presentations, performances, displays, classes and exhibitions.

WACAC Mission:

(adopted April 19, 2012)

Our mission is to encourage creative expression, promote networking of local artists of all ages, and champion a learning environment that builds community participation in the arts.

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