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  Friday, September 11, 2020 09:30 AM - 04:30 PM

  The Phipps

In-person galleries exhibition with virtual walk-through available September 18

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Gallery One

Haid 297x300

Joseph Haid | Hudson, WI

“I am fascinated with the phenomena of personal, sudden and momentary experiences that create a brief sense of personal tranquility, awe and wonder. They help me remember that change and impermanence are inevitable and nothing in life remains the same forever, so embrace the moment.”

Gallery Two

Baudry 300x239

Linda Ricklefs Baudry | St. Paul, MN

“Exploring the richness of color and playing with the vibrancy of life, I search beyond what the eye sees to fnd the inner celebration. The lens focus tightens and blurs along the way, images overlapping – the old patterns shift to the unforeseen.”

Gallery Three

Panlener 216x300

Marie Panlener | St. Paul, MN

“Inspiration for my multimedia art comes from calligraphy, collage and natural design. I like geometric shapes mixed with random messiness…The results range from quiet to boisterous. Colors, mostly transparent, range from pastel to contrasting brights.”

Atrium and Overlook Galleries

Kunze 300x258

Steph Kunze | Minneapolis, MN

“When viewing family photographs from previous generations, I am struck by how much they both reveal and hide about the family they are depicting. They document family members exactly as they appeared in a moment and, yet, only hint at their thoughts and feelings. ”



Mural Kenya 300x297

Just Add Water
Moveable Mural: Nairobi, Kenya

In the summer of 2018, Phipps Summer Art Camp students worked with artist Liz Malanaphy to create a mural of the natural environment in the St. Croix River Valley. Later that year, Malanaphy traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, where she gave a full-size print of this “moveable mural” to Hope Mission School and worked with the students there to create a mural of the natural environment where they live to bring back to Hudson.

“The children reveled in bringing their artwork to life, using paints and brushes unlike any they normally had access to. They saw themselves in a new light, as artists and global citizens. When you see their beautiful work, you can see the pride and excitement conveyed in the fnished product.… I believe that collaborating art and the creative process are common languages among humans and this project celebrates that connection,” states Malanaphy


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