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Honsa-Binder Printing, St. Paul, MN

Honsa-Binder Printing

Producing the finest quality printed products possible

We’d like to welcome you to Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc., a well established Union printing company in St. Paul, Minnesota. We are Kay and Jerry Owens, owners of Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc.

The people of Honsa-Binder are dedicated to producing the finest quality printed products possible. Strict attention to detail, rigid quality control systems, years of experience, and efficient production methods enable us to maintain consistently high levels of quality. We believe that quality products must be backed by efficient and reliable service. We are responsive to your needs, with a commitment to meet your requirements promptly and efficiently. To meet these needs, we have the capability of printing 1 to 4 colors, including 4 color process on either offset or digital equipment. Please feel free to browse the Products & Capabilities category above for a more extensive listing.

Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. looks forward to Providing Your Print Solutionsfor today and tomorrow. 


  • Website:
  • Telephone:  (651) 222-0251
  • Address: 320 Spruce Street, St. Paul, MN 55101