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David Freemore

Dave Freemore

Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community Artist and Director

David Freemore is an active member of the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community (WACAC), is the organizations Director of Building Maintenance and is deeply involved in community and international programs.

He has a special talent in Pyrography (also known as wood burning).  One of his pieces was an award winner in the 2016 In. Art Show & Competition.

David began his wood burning primarily on cedar which his father gathered from the Missouri River shores in Montana.  Cedar has growth and compression rings that are similar in density, allowing for more consist results. 

David focuses on finding pictures and pieces of wood where to color, size and grain compliment each other. Giving gifts of his art spurred more work.  Sometimes people purchased pieces to fit their own collections. 

“Our family appreciates artwork immensely,” said his wife, Jan, “since we have family generations before and after us that have created a variety of art expressions.” 

Continued support of WACAC is in honor of Jan, who was killed in a car / bike accident in October of 2021. We applaud WACAC for embracing and promoting all forms of art, at all levels and all age groups.


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  • Mailing Address:  25808 East Comfort Drive, Chisago City, MN 55013
  • Cell  / text 763-999-0172


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